Factory production

The Lavaltrie plant has all the equipment and resources required for all types of manufacturing. Several other operations are carried out at the plant, such as spray painting or baked painting, galvanizing, stainless steel passivation and retail sales.

We work mainly in the manufacturing of steel and wrought-metal structures for various areas of application of buildings, equipment, mechanics, accessories, civil and architectural. Les Soudures Spécialisées André Beaulieu Inc.’s expertise in metals, alloys and welding processes is undeniable.


Our field of expertise also extends to everything related to equipment and roofing:

  • steel structures
  • scales
  • canopies
  • gateways
  • guardrail
  • stairs
  • metal decks
  • crane bridges
  • lifeline anchors
  • and much more


You can, therefore, entrust your projects to us knowing that the work will be well done. Our membership in the Canadian Welding Bureau is a guarantee of quality and confidence that allows us to produce metal products from the most specific to the most conventional one.

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